Warranty Policy


- QTE TECHNOLOGIES only warranted products that are equipment and machines. No warranty for chemicals, glass or other consumables.
-The warranty period is 12 months.
All products sold by QTE TECHNOLOGIES are subject to warranty terms of supplier and manufacturer. The following cases are considered in violation of warranty conditions or not covered by the warranty:
-The product is consumed during use
-The software provided with the machine.
- No warranty card or warranty card but invalid warranty card (not intact; crumpled, unreadable; erased, erased; modified content; product information is shown on warranty card and on defective product,…).
-The product is out of warranty period (product warranty period is shown on the product's warranty card, ...).
-No warranty stamps of the Company / distributor / manufacturer; or there are invalid warranty stamps (torn, erased, repaired, unreadable, flaking / peeling, ...).
-The serial number, barcode, specifications on the product are not valid (blurred, unreadable, scraped, modified, torn, peeled / peeled, altered).
-The product is defective due to force majeure (flood, fire, abnormal power supply, wrong voltage regulation ...).
-The product is defective due to drop, impact, improper transportation / installation, insect infestation, self-repair, moldy product, rusted, warm wet, deformed ...
-Users arbitrarily disassemble, repair machinery and equipment before bringing to warranty.
-Machine damage due to user error.

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