Return Policy


Return policy to ensure maximum benefits for customers when buying equipment and machines at the company QTE TECHNOLOGIES.
The company will exchange or return the goods to customers in the following cases:
- Goods are not of the correct type or design as you ordered.
- The product is defective by manufacturer.
- Affected external conditions such as packaging tear, peeling, breakage ...
1. Conditions to accept returns:
Customers can exchange new products of the same type when the product has problems that cannot be solved (due to technical defects of the manufacturer). Defective products can only be exchanged after technically confirmed and subject to the following conditions:
- Traceability goods purchased at the company QTE TECHNOLOGIES (based on the purchase invoice and warranty stamps on the product)
 - The goods are still sealed for warranty
- Received goods are not defective in appearance (scratched, distorted, yellowed, broken ...)
- Received goods must still have full accessories
- Received goods must ensure full packaging and accompanying documents
2. In case of not accepting returns:
- Customers do not operate in accordance with instructions, causing damage to equipment and machinery.
- Customers affect external conditions such as packaging tear, peeling, breaking, ...
3. How to exchange and return goods:
- Customers can contact directly at the company address on the website: or contact phone number: +8424 6254 1636, email: for product inspection and return procedures.
 - After there is a confirmation of technical error by the technical staff of the company, the exchange will be done in accordance with the company's regulations and the firm.
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