Ordering guide

Ordering guide
For serving customers convenience and best way, we have 3 ways to order as follows:

Step 1: Search and select products
The products in the website are classified according to alphabetical order from A to Z. Please click to select the group of goods you are interested in or use the Search function of the website to quickly search for that product.

Step 2: View product information and decide to buy
You browse the products. Want to see product details, please click immediately on the product name, product image. If you choose to buy any product, please click on the button "Buy now" below to put the product in your cart.
When you have selected to buy a product, the upper right side of the screen will display Your shopping cart containing the products you have selected with information about the selling price and total amount payable.
If you want to continue to see other products, please click "Back" or click on "product", or type in the search box for the product you want to search.

Step 3: Review the shopping cart before deciding to buy
At any time you want to change your Shopping Cart, you can click on the Product Name button in the "Shopping Cart" section to review the products you have selected and change your shopping cart. If you want to remove an item from the current cart, you click on "Remove" below the product name, the product will be removed from your current cart.

Step 4: Accept payment
If you want to continue viewing other products, please click on the button "Continue to purchase or Back" to return to the page you have just viewed, if not, click the "Order" button below the Shopping Cart to order. After that, you can review your order and fill in exactly the requested information ... You can choose for yourself the most suitable time to receive the goods or have any other request, please Fill in the "Notes" section. After clicking the button "Confirm", we will inform you that your order has been acknowledged and please wait for us to contact you again to unanimously confirm your order information. . After agreeing and confirming the order, we will do the procedures to ship the goods to you.

To facilitate and quickly purchase your products, please call us directly at the number below:
+84 935 486 698 / +84 988 012 484

You can send inquiries about products to buy, with contact information about EMAIL: info@qtetech.com.vn. Our technical consultant team will quickly contact and answer your questions.

Best regards!

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