Shipping policy


-QTE TECHNOLOGIES applies Nationwide SHIPPING policy for all orders, committed to the fastest delivery time, ensures the most convenience and efficiency for our customers;
We DO FREE SHIPPING TO COUNTRY on orders with a value of 500,000 VND or more and weight <2kg.
-QTE TECHNOLOGIES has a long-term, sustainable and reputable cooperation policy with courier units, so it can deliver the fastest and safest deliveries to all provinces in Vietnam.
-QTE TECHNOLOGIES applies handover policies, manuals at customers' addresses for new products and requires specialized techniques. This policy will be agreed with customers according to each specific order or under the contract agreement between customers and our company.
The exact time of delivery cannot be determined (depends on the method of shipping, the time of delivery and the place of receipt).
-Please check the goods carefully, compare products with vouchers, warranty card (if any) before receiving.
After successful delivery, the company is only responsible for any technical defects caused by the Manufacturer (in accordance with the regulations on Change / Return and Warranty Regulations), any other cases will not be their responsibility. I.
- Please note: All QTE TECHNOLOGIES products sold are full of documents such as: Sales invoices; or (and) Delivery note; or (and) Delivery record; or (and) a financial invoice (if requested by the customer). Therefore, customers have the right to refuse to receive goods when there is no one of the four documents above, this is to ensure the quality of products, buy the right goods from QTE TECHNOLOGIES, and at the same time, ensure your interests in Redeem. /Returns.
- Delivery time may be slower than expected due to a number of reasons such as: Customer address is incorrect, Customer is not at home, Delivery staff cannot contact customer, natural disaster, fire, ... If for the reason of the company, we will contact you to arrange a reasonable delivery time.
- In case the expected time has passed but the customer has not received the goods, please respond to us for the fastest remedy. During the waiting time, if you want to change your order (Change product, Do not want to receive any more goods, ...), please notify the company for us to solve.

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