Mitsuhata Machinery M-006 Bench Lathe L-5000D・Main Unit

Mitsuhata Machinery M-006 Bench Lathe L-5000D・Main Unit

Manufaturer: Mitsuhata Machinery
Model: M-006
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  • Specification: L-5000D ・ Main unit
  • On the bed: φ305mm
  • Shift on feed bar: φ170mm
  • Distance between centers: 406mm
  • Spindle rotation speed (60Hz): 12 (80, 130,, 190, 200, 290, 360, 430, 510, 770, 780, 1090, 1700 min -1)
  • Standard attached chuck: 5-inch triple claw scroll (Kitagawa SC5)
  • Spindle through hole: Standard chuck through hole φ32mm
  • Spindle hole taper: MT5
  • Center Platform Taper: MT3
  • Transverse table distance: 160mm
  • Round-table travel distance: 330mm
  • Center push stand sleeve travel distance: 100mm
  • Blade tool size: 16 x 16mm
  • Millimeter-screw: 0.25 to 7 mm/rev (24 Type)
  • Inch Screw: 3.5 to 104 Mountains/Inch (39 Type)
  • Auto-feed speed: 0.033 to 0.78 mm/rev
  • Horizontal auto speed: 0.065 to 1.56 mm/rev
  • Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz * 1
  • Size: 1300 x 750 x 600mm
  • Weight: 260kg
  • Accessories: toolbox, spanner, hexagon wrench, oil pan, rear tip cover, tool rest box wrench, fixed center (MT3), center sleeve, feed replacement gear type

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Package size:1500×850×750 mm 320 kg

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