Looking for investors:

We, QTE TECHNOLOGIES, are looking for investors to develop & expand the business market:

1/ Amount of capital to be mobilized: 250,000.00 USD to exchange for 10% of the company's shares

2/ Purpose of raising capital:

- Recruiting more staff

- Open more offices (taking into account opening an office in Singapore)

- Enter stock of goods

3/ Business model: B2B eCommerce eCommerce provides all needs in industry, factory (Everything You Need For Every Industrial and Scientific)

4/ Market: Vietnam and international

5/ Ability to replicate business model: easy and fast

6/ Number of products available on our system: more than 30,000 products; and the number of products will increase daily.

7/ Technology/solution:

Our qtetech.com and qtetech.com/en systems are displaying / advertising digital marketing automatically in Vietnam and more than 100 countries around the world.

8/ Success:

Has sold to many countries around the world such as Denmark, Slovakia, Philippines, India, UAE, Brazil, US,…