Eppendorf 5193 000.020 TransferMan 4r (controlling X, Y, Z direction with 1 piece joysticks)

Eppendorf 5193 000.020 TransferMan 4r (controlling X, Y, Z direction with 1 piece joysticks)

Manufaturer: Eppendorf
Model: 5193 000.020
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  • The user-friendly TransferMan 4r combines ergonomic and innovative operating concepts and is ideal for manipulation of suspension cells such as oocytes and blastocysts.
  • Application-specific user profiles simplify individual workflow processes by selecting from four pre-defined application masks (e.g. cell transfer, DNA injection, etc.). The freely programmable "My Application" mask can be optimized for individual needs.
  • Maximum stability for reliable vibration suppression
  • One-handed adjustment of capillary angle
  • Z-axis drive range can be set to prevent capillary damage
  • Compatible with Eppendorf PiezoXpert and electric microinjectors
  • 1. 4th gear: Exclusive DualSpeed ​​joystick with two different speed modes for precise and instant control
  • 2. Ergonomically shaped control panel to reduce fatigue
  • 3. Optimized user interface that simplifies working procedures for various experimental methods
  • 4. Automatic return to home position for simple and quick capillary and sample exchange
  • 5. Additional functions can be selected and programmed (e.g. up to 5 position storage, drive range limitation, Yo)
  • 6. Comfortable independent speed control dial
  • Micromanipulator with DualSpeed ​​joystick that can be driven in proportional mode and dynamic mode (for research)
  • Control: X, Y, Z direction controlled by one joystick
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 205mm x 288mm x 152mm
  • Weight (including main power supply): 1.8kg
  • External device/PC: serial interface SubD9, male
  • Drive range: coarse, fine, ultra-fine
  • Speed ​​control: proportional mode and dynamic mode
  • Unit: 1 unit
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