DENKEN-HIGHDENTAL 3000Plus Muffle Furnace 580 x 660 x 610 30 lit 100oC - 1150oC

DENKEN-HIGHDENTAL 3000Plus Muffle Furnace 580 x 660 x 610 30 lit 100oC - 1150oC

Model: 3000Plus
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  • Outer dimension (mm): 580 x 660 x 610
  • Inner furnace dimension (mm): 300 x 410 x 244
  • Capacity (L): 30
  • Operating temperature range: 100℃ - 1150℃ (0.5℃ unit)
  • Temperature distribution accuracy: +/- 3℃ at 1000℃
  • Temperature rise time: Approx 28 minutes, room temperature -> 1150℃
  • Control system: Program operation (50 patterns, 100 segments)
  • Temperature sensor: K class thermocouple
  • Heater capacity: 5.5kW
  • Furnace body: Ceramic fiber
  • Safety device: Overcurrent breaker, Excessive temperature rise setting device, Door opening and closing sensor, Key lock function, Exterior temperature sensitive type cooling fan, Microcomputer abnormality detection device (heater disconnection, Thermocouple disconnection, Memory content abnormality, Excessive temperature rise abnormality, Control substrate abnormality)
  • External output: Recorder thermocouple output, Output for automatic gas introduction 1 - 2, Event contact output 1 - 4, Output for deodorizer, During-operation, end, alarm contact output, 3-color patolight output, SD card slot
  • Exhaust port diameter: φ23.5mm
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Power (50/60Hz): AC100V
  • Current capacity*: 28A (*All numerical data are representative values and are not guaranteed values. *AC cord 5m, 8.0SQ, with grounding (with crimp terminal conforming to M6 screw) *Please prepare plenty of current capacity for power equipment. )
  • Accessories: Furnace setter plate, Exhaust port plug, Exhaust sleep, AC cord (300-Plus is attached to the body)
  • Option (sold separately): Deodorizer (ES71, ES72) Ventilator (VF71, VF72), Gas introduction unit (KDG-300, -1500, -3000, -5000), 3-color patolight, Different system excessive temperature rise sensor, Body fixing fitting unit, Electrical leakage breaker, Platinel thermocouple, wagon (KDW-100, KDW-200), Temperature sensor for recorder output
  • *Vacuum gas replacement furnace type is also available. Please contact with us.
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