ASADA BB400 Band Saw beaver 4 ECO (cutting angle 90o, 350W, 740 x 390 x 330mm)

ASADA BB400 Band Saw beaver 4 ECO (cutting angle 90o, 350W, 740 x 390 x 330mm)

Model: BB400
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  • You can cut right angles with excellent cutting speed and cutting accuracy.
  • The saw blade can be changed from the front, making it easy.
  • Saw blade tension is one-touch and adjustment is unnecessary.
  • Equipped with an overload protection device that protects the motor from burning.
  • It is a chamber vise type that can bundle the same cutting material and cut it at once.
  • Cutting of steel pipes, lining steel pipes for water supply, conduit pipes, PVC pipes, resin pipes, cast iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, steel materials, square pipes, round bars, aluminum sashes, etc.
  • Cutting capacity square pipe (mm): 100
  • Cutting Ability Cutting Angle (°): 90
  • Cutting capacity Round pipe (φmm): 130
  • Cutting capacity round bar (φmm): 60
  • Overall length (mm): 740
  • Cutting capacity steel pipe (A): 100
  • Width (mm): 390
  • Overall height (mm): 330
  • Power consumption (W): 350
  • Power cord length (m): 2.5
  • Motor: 100V 200W
  • Saw blade rotation speed (m/min)
  • Saw blade dimensions
  • Power supply: AC100V
  • Output: 200W
  • Power cord length: 2.5m
  • Vise method: Chamber vice
  • Set contents/accessories:
  • Saw blade: 14-tooth high-speed steel with cobalt (Code No.88915)
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Code number: 367-8822
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