AS ONE 4-746-02 TDD-S600CS Digital Dry Desiccator (S-Series) (524 x 1067 x 574mm)

AS ONE 4-746-02 TDD-S600CS Digital Dry Desiccator (S-Series) (524 x 1067 x 574mm)

Manufaturer: AS ONE
Model: TDD-S600CS
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  • External dimensions (mm): 524 x 1067 x 574
  • Inner dimensions (mm): 483 x 853 x 560
  • Dehumidification system: H2O electrolysis discharge by solid polymer electrolytic dehumidification element (Rosar (R))
  • Dehumidified ability (When 30% rh is set): Within 8 hours
  • ** No internal load, outdoor environment 25 ℃ 60 This is a reference from when the %RH air was released (Vary depending on outdoor air conditions).
  • {3755} If the humidity level exceeds 60 %RH, "HH" is displayed.
  • Show resolution: 1 ℃/1 %RH
  • Sampling interval: 0.5 sec
  • Material: Main unit/PMMA (acrylic) Frame/Aluminum/Control Unit/Steel Plate
  • Shelf board mm : 460 mm x 490 Dimensions
  • Shelf Mounted pitch (interval shelf board minimum): 50 mm (40 mm)
  • Shelf board specs : Stainless steel (SUS430)
  • Shelf board Load tolerance: about 20 kg/sheet
  • Safety device: individual operation error indication function (During short circuit or disconnection)/overcurrent fuse of solid polymer electrolytic dehumidification element
  • Power supply: AC100V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: about 34 W
  • power cord length : about 2 meters (3P plug and main unit are grounded)
  • Casters: Elastic feet
  • Weight: about 25 kg
  • Accessories: Stainless steel shelf board x 4 pieces
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