AS ONE 1-9383-41 EI-600V Incubator (Timer, Air Jacket Natural Convection ) 150L 80oC

AS ONE 1-9383-41 EI-600V Incubator (Timer, Air Jacket Natural Convection ) 150L 80oC

Manufaturer: AS ONE
Model: EI-600V
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  • Model number: EI-600V
  • Capacity (L): 150
  • Temperature range: Room temperature +5 - 80℃
  • Convective system: Natural convection air jacket
  • Temperature adjustment range: Room temperature +5 - 80℃
  • Temperature distribution width: 2℃ (at 37℃)
  • Temperature control system: PID control, SSR output
  • Additional function: Timer (ON timer, OFF timer, SV start, ON/OFF timer)
  • Safety device: Independent excessive temperature rise prevention device (operation temperature digital settings available), overcurrent breaker, burnout mechanism (heater is OFF when sensor is disconnected)
  • Heater capacity: 300W
  • Temperature sensor: Platinum resistance thermometer Pt 100Ω
  • Excessive rise prevention sensor: K thermocouple
  • Chamber capacity: 150L
  • Shelf pitch, number of steps: 35mm pitch, 13 steps
  • Exterior/interior: Steel powder coating/stainless steel (SUS304)
  • Inner door material: Strengthened glass
  • Exhaust opening: φ32mm x 1 piece
  • Weight: Approx 50kg
  • Power supply: 100VAC 50/60Hz cord length 2m 3P plug
  • Shelf board load capacity: 5kg
  • Accessories: Shelf board x 2 sheets, shelf board rail x 2 sets

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Package size:830×760×1030 mm 62.4 kg

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