AS ONE 1-9015-11 SP-SSUSFN Stainless Steel Desiccator (20 - 50 %RH, 574 x 524 x 1770mm)

AS ONE 1-9015-11 SP-SSUSFN Stainless Steel Desiccator (20 - 50 %RH, 574 x 524 x 1770mm)

Manufaturer: AS ONE
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  • Suitable for preventing static electricity in electronic parts and storing chemicals. 
  • Decomposes moisture inner cabinet electric current and removes it continuously using the new solid polymer electrode membrane (Rosarl*R*) provided on the front panel. 
  • Dead space inner desiccator is eliminated to achieve efficient use of space. 
  • New door opening/closing mechanism eliminates The dead space made during opening and closing. Possible to install this desiccator on The wall surface without clearance. 
  • Door which very air-tight magnetic packing is equipped, opens and closes smoothly.
  • Auto Dry Type
  • Dehumidification system: H2O electrolysis emission by a solid polymer electrolyte membrane
  • Humidity setting range: 20 to 50 %RH
  • Humidity control system: Automatic dial adjustment (relative humidity)
  • Humidity control range: approx. 25 %RH to room humidity (In environment used at the time of unload)
  • Material: Main body / stainless steel (SUS304), door / antistatic PMMA (acrylic) plate, frame / aluminum sash, shelf board / stainless (SUS430)
  • The lower right side of the main body is equipped with a ground terminal 1 location (With 3m ground wire)
  • shelf board Dimensions: 490 x 460 mm
  • shelf board installed pitch: 50 mm
  • shelf board interval : 40 mm
  • shelf board Load tolerance: about 20 kg / sheet
  • Custer: φ 65 mm nylon (front wheel with stopper)
  • power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz
  • power cord: 3P plug approx. 2 m
  • Average Power Consumption: 5W
  • Weight: Main (Excluding shelf board) / 40 kg, shelf board / 1.5 kg / sheet
  • Accessories: shelf board / 4 pieces, High Precision Digital thermo-hygrometer (THI-HP)
  • Model number: SP-SSUSFN
  • external dimension (mm): 574 x 524 x 1770
  • inner size (mm): 560 x 483 x 1486
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