AS ONE 1-5485-42 SPB-V2 Desiccator (Auto Dry) (25%RH, 900 x 400 x 900mm)

AS ONE 1-5485-42 SPB-V2 Desiccator (Auto Dry) (25%RH, 900 x 400 x 900mm)

Manufaturer: AS ONE
Model: SPB-V2
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  • Equipped with new solid polymer electrolyte membrane on front panel and directly electrolyzes moisture in air of refrigerator and continuously removes moisture.  
  • Left door has latch-type key in top and bottom and right door has general rotary key.  
  • There is no pillar in opening center of SPB-V2・V4, easy to get wide storage in and out.
  • Auto dry type
  • Model number: SPB-V2
  • Outer dimension (mm): 900 x 400 x 900
  • Inner dimension (mm): 860 x 365 x 840
  • Dehumidification system: H2O electric decomposition using solid high polymer electrolyte membrane
  • Discharge humidity setting range: Setting unavailable
  • Humidity control range (*) : About 25%RH (reach humidity) *with no internal load, depending on the specification environment
  • Material: Body/steel plate melamine bake coating, Front/glass
  • Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Power cord length: Approx 1.8m
  • Power consumption: Approx 6W
  • Caster: without
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Shelf board specifications: withstand load: Approximately 40kg/sheet (uniform distribution load), Mounting pitch: 60mm
  • Attached shelf board: 2 sheets
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