ACHILLES JS-20-1000 Static elimination brush Non-spark (1000 x 20 x 5mm)

ACHILLES JS-20-1000 Static elimination brush Non-spark (1000 x 20 x 5mm)

Manufaturer: ACHILLES
Model: JS-20-1000
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  • This is a self-discharging static elimination brush that does not require a power supply, and efficiently eliminates high-voltage static electricity.
  • Ultra-fine stainless steel fibers (100 fibers/bundle) are hardened with resin and have a slightly hard texture, and can be used with the electrodes facing upward.
  • Industrial machines such as paper manufacturing equipment, printing machines, film manufacturing machines, weaving machines, coating machines, and film laminator machines.
  • Overall length (mm): 1000
  • Hair length (mm): 20
  • Maximum thickness (mm): 5
  • Overall height (mm): 38
  • Electrode H (mm): 20
  • L (mm): 1000
  • Electrode: Binding electrode
  • Electrode: normal electrode
  • Material/Finish:
  • Holder part: Aluminum
  • Electrode: Stainless fiber (wire diameter 12 μm)
  • Note:
  • If dust or dirt adheres to the electrodes and the electrical resistance increases, the performance will decrease.
  • In order to maintain the performance, please inspect and clean regularly.
  • Be sure to connect to ground before use.
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Code number: 805-2424
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