EYE GRAPHICS ECS-1511U UV Irradiation Device

EYE GRAPHICS ECS-1511U UV Irradiation Device

Manufaturer: EYE GRAPHICS
Model: ECS-1511U
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  • Model number: ECS-1511U
  • Specification: Body
  • Size (mm): Approximately 720 x 390 x 735
  • Weight (kg): About 71
  • Main unit size: Approximately 720 x 390 x 735mm
  • Body weight: Approx 71kg
  • Power supply: 1φ AC200V±6% 50/60Hz 10A
  • Power consumption: 1650W
  • Cord length: 3m
  • Conveyor belt: Stainless steel Mesh (Width: 130mm)
  • Conveyor speed: 50Hz/0.8 - 8.0m/min, 60Hz/0.97 - 9.7m/min
  • Pass line: 255mm
  • Maximum work dimensions: (width) 130 x (height) 60mm
  • Work recommended weight: Total sum of 1.0kg or less (in the case of forward rotation)
  • Effective irradiation width: 85mm (uniformity of 80%)
  • Irradiation instrument reflection board: Cold mirror light condensing type (100mm)
  • Irradiation distance: 100 - 155mm (with IRCF/120 - 155mm)
  • Irradiation instrument mounting direction: Perpendicular or parallel to the flow
  • Conform lamp: H015-L312 or M015-L312
  • Light emission length: 122mm
  • Lamp output: 1.0kW/1.5kW (2 steps switching)
  • *Transportation cost, carrying cost, installation cost, etc. are required separately. Please contact with us.
  • *Body does not include a lamp. Choose from mercury or metal halide.
  • *We also have a type in which conveyor and power supply is separate. Please contact with us.
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