AS ONE 3-1145-03 ICB-1600J Bio Clean Bench (ISO 5 (class 100), 1570 x 485 x 720mm)

AS ONE 3-1145-03 ICB-1600J Bio Clean Bench (ISO 5 (class 100), 1570 x 485 x 720mm)

Manufaturer: AS ONE
Model: ICB-1600J
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  • Model: ICB-1600J
  • Exterior: Steel plate, Coating finish with melamine baking
  • Work planes: Stainless steel (SUS304) HL finish
  • Front door: 5mm-thick Transparent Strengthened glass, with Automatic balancing stop mechanism
  • Cleanliness: ISO 5 (class 100)
  • Dust collection effect: At 0.3μm particles 99.99% or more
  • Service outlet: 100V 5A x 1
  • Accessories: Gas burner (foot switch included), PAO nozzle *Please specify Type of gas at the time of order.
  • Front door upon full opening height: Approximately 2010mm
  • Front door maximum open dimensions: Approximately 560mm
  • Main filter: Thin HEPA filter:
  • Exhaust filter: HEPA filter
  • The number of main filter: 2 sheets
  • The number of Exhaust filter: 3 sheets
  • Blow-off wind speed: 0.45m/s
  • Air volume: Approximately 30m3/min
  • Power supply: 100VAC 1φ 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: Approximately 600VA
  • Lighting: 40W x 2
  • Sterilization light: 15W x 2 volumes
  • Weight: 270kg
  • Outer dimensions: 1600 x 810 x 1845mm
  • Work area dimensions: 1570 x 485 x 720mm
  • Weak negative pressure type
  • *In case you handle fungi with pathogenicity or something that contains them, please use cabinet for biohazard measures.
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