AS ONE 1-5469-42 LTC-1200α Cooling Water Circulator (16L, -20 to +30oC)

AS ONE 1-5469-42 LTC-1200α Cooling Water Circulator (16L, -20 to +30oC)

Manufaturer: AS ONE
Model: LTC-1200α
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  • Temperature range (°C): -20 to +30
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±2.0°C (room temperature 20°C/maximum circulation/power AC100V 50/60Hz/setting 5-30°C/no load)
  • Circulation method: Circulation for closed system
  • Type of liquid used: city water, pure water, ethylene glycol, etc.
  • Circulation pump (50/60Hz): Maximum flow rate 20/20L/min, maximum lift 9.5/12.9m (Circulation pump performance is when the pump is used alone)
  • Cooling capacity: 1250W (at 10℃) (Ambient temperature 20℃, 50Hz, no load.)
  • Circulation nozzle outer diameter: φ11mm (adaptive tube inner diameter φ9mm)
  • Freezer: 650W
  • Liquid tank: φ280×H280mm about 16L
  • Refrigerant: R407C
  • Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Timer function: 1 minute to 47 hours 59 minutes (1 minute unit)
  • Self-diagnostic function: upper/lower limit temperature error detection, sensor error, refrigerator overload relay, refrigerator protection timer, power failure detection, control temperature error, memory error
  • External input/output: External temperature sensor input terminal/analog output terminal for thermometer (DC1-5V), alarm output terminal (DC12V-17V)
  • Size: 357×407×800mm
  • Weight: about 45kg
  • * Pure water that can be used has a conductivity of 10 μS/cm or more (low purity).
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